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Business Protection Insurance

We all know we need insurance, yet estimates show that over 63% of UK businesses do not have enough key person protection insurance. A key-person is someone whose death or long-term absence because of a critical illness would cause a significant financial and operational impact upon the business.

Proceeds from a business protection policy can assist in ensuring critical members of staff are replaced, shares from the deceased partner’s/director’s estate are purchased, and debit is protected.

Research by a leading insurance organisation found that nearly two-thirds of sole traders would have to end their operations immediately and four out of ten SMEs would cease trading within a year if they lost a key employee. Whatever your industry, it is vital you ensure you have enough cover in place to protect future success.

Business protection life policies offer a choice of life cover or life and critical illness cover. A range of additional options is also available. As with all insurance plans, limitations and exclusions apply. Contact us via phone, messenger or email to discuss your requirements.

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