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Falkirk And Forth Valley Housing And Mortgage Market

Falkirk And Forth Valley Housing And Mortgage Market

Falkirk And Forth Valley Housing And Mortgage Market - Ian Angus-Felton, Falkirk Broker

As your local independent whole of market Mortgage Broker, I need to keep up to date with the property and mortgage market in Falkirk and the surrounding Forth Valley area. In this blog, I'll share the latest stats and expert perception of the property market today. In addition, I'll discuss the latest trends in the mortgage market and some top tips.

Looking across the three core markets of Falkirk, Stirling and Linlithgow, one thing stands out more than anything else, and that's the lack of supply of properties on the market. Several local Estate Agents have said that stock levels of property are at their lowest level for three years. There doesn't appear to be any bias towards property type either, as typical first-time buyer homes, three-bedroom homes, and larger four-bedroom plus properties are all in short supply. Several things are driving this shortage:

  • First-time buyers skip the typical first run on the ladder and are looking for family homes straight away.

  • Add to this the original first-time buyers looking to trade up and add in those looking to downsize.

And you then have the situation many estate agents find themselves in, an exclusive demand for 3 and 4 bedroom houses and there aren't enough properties to go around. The impact of this is a price increase, offers over the home report value and an ultra-competitive market for both buyers and sellers. In Falkirk last week, a three-bedroom detached home received 33 offers and was finally sold at 18% above the home report value. There are similar stories in Linlithgow, Bo'ness, Grangemouth and Stirling.

Some top tips if you are looking to buy a home right now:

  • Get your mortgage agreed in principle before you start looking. This will give you a clear idea of what you can afford to borrow and allow you to set a sensible budget. Greenshoots Financial can get an Agreement in Principle for you in as little as 30 minutes.

  • If you have to make an offer above the home report value, make sure you understand how this will impact your mortgage and Deposit. Working with a whole market Mortgage Adviser like Greenshoots in Falkirk means that we will advise and guide you throughout the process.

  • If moving home isn't right for you, consider adding an extension, converting the loft or garage. A remortgage or further advance could provide the funding you need for this and could add significant value to your home. At Greenshoots, we will look at all of your remortgage options and recommend the most appropriate route based on your unique individual circumstances.

Moving onto a review of the mortgage market, it's all positive news for would-be borrowers in Falkirk, Stirling, Linlithgow, Bo'ness and surrounding areas. Whether a first-time buyer, home mover or looking for a remortgage, the market is almost back to where it was before lockdown. Between November 2020 to April 2021, 5625 new mortgages were arranged in the Falkirk and Forth Valley region. Nearly 66% of these mortgages were people borrowing 75%, or more of the property value, and the average mortgage agreed was £116,795.

With Lenders beginning to relax their criteria once again, Greenshoots can help the following types of client with a mortgage or remortgage:

  • Those with a 5% deposit

  • Self Employed and Limited Company Contractors

  • Those with adverse credit

  • Employees returning from furlough

  • Taking a mortgage into retirement

When choosing a Mortgage Broker or Mortgage Adviser, the consumer rights group "Which" recommends that you choose a firm that is Independent Whole of Market Brokers. Greenshoots Financial are precisely that, which means that you will always receive the most appropriate recommendation based on your personal needs and circumstances, having researched the whole mortgage market. And what's more, we are local, which means that we know the local market and can guide you through the house buying process considering local conditions and issues.

Get in touch with me, your local Mortgage Broker and Adviser covering Falkirk, Stirling, Linlithgow, Bo'ness and the wider Forth Valley area to understand how I can help you realise your dream.

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