Independent Advice From Local Mortgage Advisors

How mortgage advice is provided to clients has been changing in recent years, and even more so since we all went into lock down in late March 2020. In particular, the technology available to mortgage advisors, mortgage lenders and clients has developed at a rapid pace. You can now even find a few 'Robot Mortgage Advice' businesses operating where there are no humans involved in the process at all, and the mortgage advice is down to the wizardry of algorithms and other complex systems programming.

Technology advancements in finance are great to a point and we are happy to let the FinTech's of this world develop robot advice models. However, for us at Greenshoots Financial we embrace the appropriate technology while taking a personalised and face to face (where we can) approach to looking after our clients. Our core belief is that we serve the local communities in which each of our highly trained and highly respected mortgage advisors live, and we help our clients for their entire lifetime, not just for the moment.

So what are the benefits of engaging a local mortgage advisor?

  • Each of our mortgage advisors knows their local area inside out. This means they know the property market in your area and can support you with introductions to local estate agents and solicitors. It also means we can give specific local guidance where properties are being marketed at prices over the home report value, for example.

  • Our expert local knowledge also means that you don't waste time trying to get a mortgage on a property that isn't suitable for some Lenders to lend on. Using our experience in the local market, we can tell you if the ex-local authority property you want to buy could be an issue or a new build timber framed property might be challenging to get a mortgage on, for example.

  • We will provide advice, and we will make a full recommendation to you having assessed your circumstances and needs carefully. We put our name to our advice and stand behind the recommendation we make. You are engaging local experts after all, and so you should expect a personalised recommendation.

  • We look after you using whatever methods you prefer. Face to face is preferred where and when available. We also make the most of Skype, Zoom, Telephone and email. We have a dedicated, fully encrypted web-based Client Portal where you can provide information and upload any documents we request.

  • We are your mortgage and insurance advisers for life. We won't just help you complete this one mortgage, remortgage, further advance or product transfer. We will help you with every mortgage and insurance need you have for as long as you are a client of Greenshoots Financial. This means if we recommend a two year fixed rate this time around, we will contact you again before the rate expires and make a new recommendation for you. When you move home again, we will be on hand to look at your mortgage options and reassess your Insurance arrangements. We will look after you from your first house to your last home and everything in between.

  • We firmly believe in adding to the economy of the local community. As a business, we use local suppliers and services, and we extend that invitation to you.

So, if you are looking for a "mortgage advisor near me", don't hesitate to check out our reviews and get in touch with Greenshoots Financial, your local mortgage advisors.