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Insurance protection provides the following benefits:

  • Peace of Mind: It offers the tranquillity you need to enjoy life, knowing that you're safeguarded against unforeseen circumstances.

  • Family Protection: It protects your family against life's unfortunate events.

  • Business Security: It guarantees that your business is defended against unexpected setbacks.

  • Home Safety: It confirms that your home is shielded against unfortunate occurrences.

Income Protection
Income Protection Insurance


This policy offers a monthly payment if you're incapacitated due to sickness or injury and cannot work. The monthly payment provided under this policy typically falls within 50% and 70% of your earnings. It continues until you're healthy enough to resume work or until you reach the age of retirement.

State benefits often fall short in this regard, and only a handful of employers provide continued support to their employees during a prolonged illness. Therefore, income protection policies can provide vital financial assistance to families during challenging times.

You have the flexibility to select the payout commencement date if a claim arises, which can vary from a month to up to a year. Policies that commence payouts sooner generally carry higher premiums.

Life Cover


Of course, our top priority is ensuring the utmost protection for our loved ones at all times. Put simply, life insurance offers a lump sum payment upon death, providing a financial cushion for your family to handle any remaining financial obligations.


As an independent broker, we're here to help navigate you through many options to find an affordable solution that provides the best protection for your family and loved ones.

Landlord Insurance
Landlord Insurance


Landlord Insurance is a purpose-built insurance plan for landlords and those who own buy-to-let properties. This insurance offers multiple options, which are all formulated to safeguard your investments.

Our partnerships have enabled us to offer coverage for a diverse range of properties and tenant circumstances, including landlord business insurance, multi-occupancy, dealing with student tenants, insurance for unoccupied properties, local authority placements, and more.


The policies aim to furnish robust protection for your investments. They can include coverage for various circumstances, such as fire, flood, unintentional damage, public liability, legal protection, and loss of rent, among others.

Be mindful, though, more than home insurance is needed for rental properties. Insurance specifically designed for landlords is what you'll need for such situations. Protect your investment with specialist insurance for landlords.

Critical Illness


Critical Illness Cover offers a bulk payment on the diagnosis of a severe illness specifically defined in the policy, such as cancer or heart disease. Certain insurers may provide a partial payout for an early-stage diagnosis of a condition indicated in the policy, although the percentage can differ among companies.


We take care of the legwork for you by searching among the top providers, ensuring that we find you the essential policy at a competitive price.

Business Protection Insurance
Business Protection Insurance


Business protection insurance is an indispensable resource that can be customised to accommodate the specific needs of both small and large businesses.

This type of insurance offers critical financial defences, including:

  • Public Liability Insurance: Minimalise your vulnerability to potential claims for damages from third parties.

  • Key Person Insurance: Protect your business from the potential financial impact of losing a crucial employee due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Loan Protection: If the owner or key person dies, your business's loans remain safeguarded.

  • Shareholder Protection: Ensure your company's continuation if a shareholder passes away or is seriously ill; this insurance enables the surviving shareholders to purchase the deceased's share.

  • Relevant Life Policy: A tax-efficient life insurance policy allows the company to offer a death-in-service benefit to its employees.


By leveraging these components of business protection insurance, you are fortifying your enterprise against potential financial risks, thus safeguarding your investment.


Private medical insurance is your lifeline when the worst, like unforeseen illness, comes unexpectedly. It ensures you'll immediately get excellent care and attention, offering you peace of mind in difficult times.

Despite common assumptions, private medical health insurance only sometimes means high costs. In fact, a wide array of affordable plans are available, suitable for individuals or entire families alike.

The UK is proud of its dedicated NHS workforce. Their tireless commitment to public health is commendable. But when immediate attention is necessary, private medical health insurance offers a fast-tracked alternative to potential NHS waiting times. Whether for you or your loved ones, private coverage ensures timely treatments.

We utilise an extensive network of UK providers to offer a product that genuinely suits your needs. Our mission is to ensure you have the right level of coverage at a price that is just right for you.

Private Health Insuance


Have you secured your home against life's unforeseen and unpleasant circumstances? Along with maintaining life insurance to cover your mortgage, it's essential to consider home and contents insurance. Home insurance is an invaluable shield, protecting countless families yearly from catastrophic incidents like fire, floods, and theft.

Buildings insurance is a typical product and is often necessary if you hold a mortgage. Your lender will likely require you to set up fitting coverage to safeguard their financial investment in your property.
Home contents insurance protects the items within your home, including TVs, furniture, carpets, and personal belongings. Including additional coverage for specific items for situations where they're used outside the home is possible.


Home Insurance
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