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Dying intestate - without a legal will - puts your estate at significant risk. Without a specifically drawn will, you unwittingly leave the belongings you've spent a lifetime accumulating, including your home and money, subject to Scottish intestate law. The law then decides who receives your assets. Unfortunately, the legal inheritance rules may not mirror the complexities of modern family relationships, likely overlooking unmarried partners or step-children. When you don't have a will, you lack control over the distribution of your estate, which means your possessions may not end up with your chosen heirs. This can seriously impinge on how much support your loved ones receive, and these legislative decisions might not have been your preference.

The Emancipating Power of a Legally-Drafted Will

A will is a powerful tool to ensure that your assets are allocated precisely as per your desires after your demise. Whether you want to designate specific items, a portion of cash, or distribute fractions of your entire estate, a will empowers you to make these preferences legally binding. Additionally, a will lets you express your desired funeral arrangements and any bequests to charities. For parents with children below the age of 16, appointing trusted individuals as guardians in your will guarantees your children will be cared for according to your wishes.

Greenshoots Financial Wills: Your Trusted Partner

At Greenshoots Financial, we stand by our commitment to simplicity and integrity. We offer fixed fees on our standard single and standard joint (Mirror) wills, meaning the quote you receive is the final price, with absolutely no hidden charges.

Our wills, firmly rooted in Scottish law, are crafted and approved by an adroit team of family law specialists, ensuring your will is trusted, specialised and comprehensive. We understand the importance of your wishes and adhere to a clear, cost-effective and timely procedure to draft your will.

We are happy to accommodate in-person meetings or remote sessions over the phone or online at your convenience. We will provide a draft for your review, so you can be confident that your will accurately reflects your wishes. Your formatted Last Will and Testament can then be delivered as a hard copy or e-copy based on your preference.

Recognising the complexities of legal language, we offer a complimentary guide with all our wills. The guide simplifies the different sections of your will into plain English, fostering better understanding and alignment with your intentions.

Our fixed fee wills ensure that your preferences are legally stipulated. You can provide much-needed security for your loved ones in accordance with your wishes. We invite you to connect with our wills specialist today. Take the step to gain peace of mind and protect your loved ones' futures.

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