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Step By Step Guide To Buying A House

A home you love is a place you want to be, and a great mortgage is one that helps you get there! You can download our step-by-step guide to buying a house here:

Step by Step Guide to Buying a House
Download PDF • 148KB

Are you thinking of buying your first home, moving up, downsizing or remortgaging, but unsure who to talk to first? Solicitors, Estate Agents, Surveyors, Lenders and possibly a Mortgage Broker are all involved in the process, and it can be confusing and frustrating to know where to start.

From my experience of working with clients for 27 years, the two most important things you need to know above all else at the beginning are can I get a mortgage and how much can I afford to borrow? Unless you know in principle that you can get a mortgage and how much a lender is prepared to lend, you cannot make an informed decision as to whether you move forward with your plans or not.

This is why I always recommend that your first contact in the process should be with an Independent Whole of Market Mortgage Broker. Only an Independent Whole of Market Broker can access all lenders on your behalf and recommend the most appropriate mortgage based on your unique circumstances. Then, in as little as 30 minutes, a Broker could have an Agreement in Principle in place for you from a Lender, which will give you some certainty and allow you to move forward with your plans.

If you are thinking of buying your first home, trading up, downsizing, or re-mortgaging, make sure the first call you make is to an independent whole of market Mortgage Broker - like Greenshoots Financial. Contact me today to see how I can help you get your plans underway.

Ian Angus-Felton

Falkirk Broker

Ian Angus-Felton is an appointed broker of Greenshoots Financial Ltd, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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