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How To Prevent Personal Fraud And Avoid Scammers

Unfortunately, the criminal fraternity is well aware that the cost of living crisis is making life difficult for many of us and pray on our vulnerabilities. So it's no surprise, but no less shocking, that the rise in fraud and scams is at an all-time high.

In this blog we share some insight and tips on recognising and dealing with one of the biggest and costliest WhatsApp scams.

Typically sent via WhatsApp, text, and social media platforms, the scammer claims to be a close family member, such as your son or daughter. The scammer states that they need money immediately to pay for car repairs, pay an overdue bill or replace a lost phone/laptop, for example. The scammers play on your emotions and pretend the situation is urgent. They try not to give you time to think it through.

Your emotions are running high, and you are worried that a loved one is in trouble, so rational thinking goes out of the window in the heat of the moment. On impulse, you send the money requested to the scammer, money you will be unlikely ever to get back.

As explained, these scammers play on the urgency and your position of feeling vulnerable and emotional. Follow these tips to try and keep yourself protected:

  • Any unsolicited request for money should be treated with suspicion, even if the message appears to come from a loved one.

  • Don't respond to the message you receive purporting to be from a loved one. Close the App and contact the person the message is allegedly from directly from your contacts.

  • If you receive a message on Whatsapp, contact the person it is supposedly from by text or phone instead to check the authenticity of the original message.

  • Report the scam to OFCOM by forwarding the message to 7726 or take a screenshot and email it to

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