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Sustainable Passivhaus Builds

Sustainable Passivhaus Builds

New 95% LTV Lenders Bring Opportunity To New Build Market And Sustainable Passivhaus Builds.

The challenges during 2020 and 2021 due to Covid-19 have seen a turbulent time for the market. However, as we move towards economies and communities opening up, there are several new opportunities in the mortgage market. The most recent is the increase in the number of lenders offering a 95% LTV product for new builds.

During the past 18 months, most of us have had to adapt rapidly to increasing demands on our work/life due to working from home. However, it's not all been bad as for several people, a better work/life balance was achieved while also resulting in greater productivity. Nevertheless, finding the space to work quietly has been one of the biggest challenges for many people. This has resulted in some clients considering increasing their current home space with a garden room office, a new extension, or a redesign of their existing space.

A requirement for bigger space has also led many clients to look at moving house or building their dream home. And with our impact on the climate and the search for more sustainable housing never more relevant than before, the requirement for energy-efficient yet modern and sustainable buildings has never been more in demand.

Scottish architects and builders Caber House have developed and delivered some of the greenest houses in the UK. And, as one of the leading pioneers to bring Passivhaus standards to the UK, their range of standard houses offer plenty of options – all based on flexibility, energy efficiency and clever design. Each of their individual Caber House types has different features to suit various lifestyles and households and are modern, robust and elegant, with turnkey costs to suit most budgets.

Building for the future to protect our environment makes the increase in lenders offering 95% LTV on new builds even more exciting. It's needed more now, than ever and as we see more complex cases requiring a more flexible approach, we are encouraged by these new opportunities for our clients.

Whether it is a Passivhaus build or any other new build property, we are here to help by knowing which lender will accept what type of case and help you navigate your mortgage journey, finding the right product for your needs and situation.

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