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Virtual Medical Services

Virtual Medical Services

Does Your Mortgage Protection Policy Include Free Access To Virtual Medical Services?

Most of us need to make sure that we can pay our mortgage off and that our essential outgoings are met in the event of death, a critical illness or ill health. It's an area we have helped many clients over the years, which has provided comfort and peace of mind knowing that they are protected - whatever life throws at them.

In an era where the NHS is under tremendous pressure, even without the Covid pandemic, the ability to access the medical care and advice you need quickly and safely has never been so important. How difficult is it just now to get an appointment with your GP, let alone a referral for specialist support services? How easy is it for you to manage prescription needs? What if you need a second medical opinion? The NHS are unique and incredible at what they do; there is no denying that. However, especially at this time, accessing the services you may need quickly and easily is a challenge.

The good news is that the insurance industry has moved on significantly in the last couple of years, and some providers now offer virtual medical services for free as part of the policy. These services often* include:

  • 24/7 remote access to a GP

  • Prescription services

  • Second medical opinions

  • Remote Physiotherapy

  • Remote mental health support

  • Discounted health checks

Does your policy include these services? You may already have a policy in place, but you are unsure if your policy consists of these added-value services, or you may have no cover at all and want to put something in place and wish to book a no-obligation insurance review, click here to get in touch .

*Not all providers provide these additional services, and those that do will have differing benefits.

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