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Banks to defer mortgage payments for those struggling to coronavirus

Greenshoots Financial

The coronavirus is causing significant disruption and concern, and we hope that you and your families will be OK.

Several providers are deferring mortgage payments, and if you are worried or struggling, do get in touch with your lender.

"Government-backed loans worth £330bn and a three-month mortgage holiday have been announced by the chancellor as part of "unprecedented" measures to help businesses and families." See Sky news for more information.

Each situation will depend on your personal circumstances as all customers' situations will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, hence nit is vital to get in touch with your provider.

We are working remotely either by telephone or email and continue to help our clients during these uncertain times. If we can assist you at all, please get in touch.

Stay well; stay safe from all at Greenshoots financial.

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