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Mortgage Borrowers Are Encouraged To Act As Rates Continue To Rise.

Mortgage Rate Increase

Reviewing lender data, this is the 4th month in a row that average new fixed rates have risen. In effect, this means that a borrower with a 15% deposit will now be offered on average 3.12% for a two year fixed rate. The latest rates are in stark contrast to what two year fixed rates were being offered in July 2020 - an average rate of 2.11% with a 15% deposit. Even with a 25% deposit, the average two year fixed rates have increased by 0.35% since July. First-time Buyer two year fixed products with a 10% deposit have also seen two year fixed products move from 2.90% in July to 3.76% in November.

Whether purchasing a new home, looking for a lower rate through remortgaging, needing to release some equity or take a further advance, our advice is to act quickly to avoid paying more than you need to. At the start of the first lockdown earlier this year, we invested in ensuring all of our team can work remotely for our clients, and we continue to be open for business.

New products launched now are only available for 28 days on average - half the product availability period during the first quarter of 2020, which why we are helping our clients to act quickly, whether making a purchase or remortgaging.

Our friendly Mortgage Brokers are contactable on 01506 537111 or to provide you with quality independent advice. And, as we are whole of market brokers we can access every lender for you - as of today, that is 2,404 different mortgage products we can analyse and assess for you.

We are a call or an email away to help you - feel free to get in touch.

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